Stay Vigilant…Monsters Are Coming

Autumn. That time of the year dedicated to enjoying warm cider and watching the leaves on the trees turn to calming shades of yellow and brown. A season for warm sweaters, chilly winds, and shambling legions of undead. Vampires stalk the streets while tragically cursed werewolves roam the fields. So this year, as Halloween slowly creeps up on us, enjoy a few of these spine tingling volumes that just may save your life…


Pariah by Bob Fingerman

After a devastating zombie outbreak, a small group of slowly starving survivors begin to think that the victims who died early were the lucky ones. Just as all seems lost, hope arrives in the form of a mysterious girl who is able to move freely through the hordes of undead. But how can these survivors rest easy around someone who repulses even flesh eating monsters?


Four Color Fear edited by Greg Sadowski

EC Comics weren’t the only game in town when it came to terrifying children with tales of misery and gore in the 1950’s. Collected here are some of the best stories from a bygone era known for its creepy goodness.




Werewolves and Shapeshifters edited by John Skipp

Following up last year’s wonderful collection of undead tales, Zombies, John Skipp has turned his attention to creatures that are a little less rotten but a lot more hairy. Featuring new tales of body altering horror as well as classic stories that will (I’m sorry for this) leave you howling at the moon, this is an anthology not to be missed.


Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman

Before you watch the premier of AMC’s new television show based on this fantastic comic series check out the original story about a group of tired people trying to find a place to settle down after a horrifying zombie plague wipes out most of humanity.