Holiday Recommendations from Our Staff

Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg

My artistic endeavors always felt more oops than Ah-ha! so I put away my crayons long ago. Beautiful Oops is the perfect message to my inner child; so now my missed stitches in my knitting are “pattern improvisation” and the fuzzy black-and-whites I have taken recently on my ancient 35mm camera are “my artistic interpretation!”

Children and adults release your artist within! Celebrate the Oops! –Holly


Star Wars: Millennium Falcon – A 3-D Owner’s Guide by Ryder Windham

Where does Han Solo sleep? When Chewbacca needs to wash his hair, where does he head to? Is there a bathroom? All of these thrilling questions and more are finally answered in this deck by deck tour of the most famous space ship in sci-fi history. –Rich


A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond and Peggy Fortnum

Paddington Bear has been charming readers since 1958 with his well-intentioned and impeccably mannered way of getting into whole heaps of trouble. In 2008 Michael Bond marked the 50th anniversary of the classic by releasing a brand new hardcover with illustrations by the original artist Peggy Fortnum. Containing all of the original stories, this is a fantastic introduction to the marmalade sandwich and cocoa loving bear. All that’s left to say is, “Pleas look after this bear. Thank you.” –Casey S.


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