Holiday Recommendations from Our Staff

*KAPOW* BAM! *ZAP!* Thrill your child with this colorful, eye-popping book that contains an electrifying superhero scene on every page. Who wouldn’t want that?!? *KABOOM!* –Hilary



Look Now: The World in Facts, Stats, and Graphics by DK Publishing

Do you want to learn about the physical aspects of the planet, about water, mountains, or climate change? Or are you more interested in the people of the planet and what their life expectancy is, or how much food they waste? Perhaps you want more information on how they govern or work. Whatever it is you want to know about our world, it is covered in this engaging and unusual reference book. A wonderful hybrid of encyclopedia and almanac, this visually appealing book will rope in young readers with its graphic style and then capture them with its fascinating presentation of facts. –Holly


The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

Brian Selznick has taken his talent for drawing and his passion for story and created a breath-taking novel written for children. The story of an orphan who secretly tends to the clocks in a busy Parisian train station is a wonderful read-a-loud for little kids and big kids alike. Just take a peek at this lovely tome, and you, too, might just fall in love with Hugo Cabret. –Leighanne


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