Holiday Recommendations from Our Staff


It’s been awhile since Charles Burns’ last comic. As it turns out it was well worth the wait. The story moves back and forth from a surreal creepy post-apocalyptic world to the less uncommon world of teenage angst. Mysterious allusions to Tin Tin also help blur the line between dram and reality. This is the first in a series and it’s sure to draw in fans of Burns and newcomers alike. –Pamela


Koko Be Good by Jen Wang
A fantastic debut graphic novel about three young souls about to embark upon their life journeys. With illustrations that seem to come alive from the pages, this is a great, light and fun read. –Jamaal


This slip-cased two-volume set features Lynd Ward’s stunning, Depression-era woodcut novels: wordless booklength stories told in bold, haunting black-and-white imagery. Each image is a visual tone poem in its own right, but in novel form they burst forth into morality plays, meditations, protests, and sagas. Edited and with an introduction by Art Spiegelman, who pays personal homage to the man considered to be the preeminent graphic novelist, these wordless novels showcase an unparalleled artist, craftsman, and storyteller. All the images reproduced are taken from prints pulled from the original woodblocks. This is a truly amazing collection. –Laurie


Four Color Fear edited by Greg Sadowski

Before the internet, before video games, even before good ol’ rock n roll the responsibility to rot the minds of America’s youth fell squarely on the shoulders of comic books. Though EC comics was the most notorious of the horror comic publishers in the 1950’s many smaller publications, collected here for the first time, also did their part to help corrupt society and end civilization as we knew it. –Rich


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