Holiday Recommendations from Our Staff


One Big Rain: Poems for Rainy Days by Rita Gray and Ryan O’Rourke (2010 Holiday Gazette)

If you live in Seattle, you know how gloomy the winters can be. This year, gather your whole family around One Big Rain, and these playful poems will brighten your day and warm your hearts. From the sweet, simple haiku to the beautiful, vibrant illustrations, this book is a wonderful winter gift—kids of all ages will embrace poetry and feel better about those gray, wet days. –Hilary


A Spicing of Birds: Poems by Emily Dickinson, Jo Miles Schuman and Joanna Bailey

Emily Dickinson wrote birds as no one else ever has—or will. For the poetry lover, bird lover, bird-art lover—this beautiful collection of Dickinson’s bird poems with facing prints of classic avian paintings is a gift that will be cherished and enjoyed. –Peter


Migritude by Shailja Patel

This captivating, beautifully made volume of performed poetry introduces readers to one Shailja Patel, a third-generation Kenyan of Indian descent. She explores the historical, literary, personal, and political terrain of colonization, empire, and migration to powerful revelatory ends. –Rick


The Poets Laureate Anthology by Elizabeth Hun Schmidt, The Library of Congress, Billy Collins (2010 Holiday Gazette)

What do Gwendolyn Brooks, Joseph Brodsky, Stanley Kunitz, Robert Pinsky, and William Carlos Williams have in common? They’re among America’s finest poets; they’re generally underread and underappreciated, even among the slim subset of American poetry-readers; and each is a former poet laureate (or consultant to the Library of Congress, the prior designation) and therefore represented in The Poets Laureate Anthology. With a fine and generous sampling of each, this handsome volume is well worth its $40 price tag for these poets alone. In addition, you’ll have a selection of poems from every other holder of the chair, comprising a broad spectrum of noteworthiness and accomplishment ranging from the obscure to the splendid—all for free! –Peter


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