Holiday Recommendations from Our Staff

Children’s Picture Books

The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Mr. Plumbean lives in a neighborhood where all the houses look just the same. But one day a seagull carrying a can of bright orange paint drops it—PLOP!— on the roof of Mr. Plumbean’s house. The big orange
splot upsets the neighbors, all of whom live in identical brown houses with gray roofs. When they urge Mr. Plumbean to paint his house, he does so – but not in the way they’d envisioned! Recently reissued by popular demand, this is a wonderful tale, humorously told, about the joy in dancing to your own tune and living out your dreams. Hurray for dreamers! Hurray for Mr. Plumbean! –Laurie


Up & Down by Oliver Jeffers

I defy you to look upon these friends (boy & penguin) and not have your heart melted. They are inseparable best friends but when the penguin decides he wants to learn to fly, both will learn important lessons about success, failure and the importance of friendship in each. This book is a gift to both a child and their parents. –Jamil


David Wiesner, a three-time Caldecott Medal winner and the author of the ever-popular Flotsam, brings us this wildly imaginative and cleverly illustrated story of friendship, creativity, and the artistic process. Art (he prefers “Arthur”) and Max share an art lesson that neither will forget as paints, water, and lines transform Art into art. In the end, they both become teacher and student. Endearing and brilliant with an explosion of color, this book will become a well-loved favorite. Share with a child or secretly indulge yourself in a playful reminder that we can all create. Seth


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