Kids Reading and Recommends Summer Program

June 1st through September 1st

One of our favorite things to do as booksellers is recommend good books. This summer we want to invite all kids between the ages of 6 and 14 to help us recommend some of these great books. Each time you read a book this summer, we encourage you to come in, write a brief recommendation to put on the shelf next to that book and then enter your name in the summer drawing. The more books you read and write about, the more chances you have to win; read five books, write five recommendations, enter to win five times, read fifty books, write fifty recommendations, enter to win fifty times.

All you need to do is pick up a recommendation form at our information desk, write your review and when you turn it back in at our front desk or our information desk, you will be given an entry form to fill out for the prize drawings.

The prize drawings will be held Friday, September 2nd. There will be prizes for each of the following categories:

Ages 6-8
Ages 9-11
Ages 12-14

Prizes will include some of our favorite books, an Elliott Bay Book Bag, a $25 Elliott Bay Gift Certificate and a lot of other great swag.

We have three simple rules:
1. These must be books that you have read over this summer only.
(No fair writing reviews about book you read last summer.)
2. The book you recommend must be one that we carry on our shelves.
3. The recommendation must fit on our recommends card.
(This is always our biggest challenge when we love a book.)

Are you ready?…Get set…Go!


2 thoughts on “Kids Reading and Recommends Summer Program

  1. It would be fun to include a pdf of the recommends card so kids can bring in the review with them! Less pressure to get it done if they have time at home….

    1. Deanna,

      That is a good idea, but Tracy pointed out to me that it has to be a book that we carry. So if you’re not coming into look or buy, then you won’t know if we have it in stock or not. You can always come in and pick them up and take them home. They don’t have to fill it out at the store.


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