Short Run Fest this Saturday!

On Saturday, November 12th, Vera Project plays host to the first-ever Short Run Festival – an excellently curated small press exhibition featuring regional small press publications and individual makers of art books, zines, comics, literary works, and animation. Doors open at 10:30am with over 70 exhibitors, including showstoppers like Hoarse, Filter, Microcosm Publishing, Jason T. Miles from Profanity Hill, Stumptown Underground, Bureau of Drawers Collective, Sam Lohman with Peaches & Bats, and representatives from the ZAPP archives at Hugo House.


Organizers see Short Run as an “alternative to large-scale commercial conventions,” with particular attention paid to limited edition, handmade literature and unconventional programming. So, in addition to endless rows of beautiful saddle stitched books, expect a day-long drawing competition inspired by Ryan Molenkamp’s “The Portrait Challenge,” and a series of animation screenings from SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team), David Nixon, and Julie Alpert and Andy Arkley. Also, there’s a bake sale. Honestly, now. Why would you not go to this?


Short Run is free and open to the public. Doors open at 10:30am and close at 4:30pm. After which, festivities move to Fantagraphics in Georgetown for an after party art show with the exhibitors. Click here for more info!

The sprawling and lovely River scroll by Martine Workman, one of the featured presenters.


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