Holiday Recommendations from Our Staff – Cooking & Spirits

At the Elliott Bay Book Company we believe that there is no better gift than a book, and we have the perfect one for everyone on your holiday list this season. We look forward to serving you and wish you Happy Holidays!

Home Made

By Yvette van Boven, Oof Verschuren

From a Dutch chef, living part-time in Paris, comes this most beautifully designed cookbook, with recipes ranging from tea to cocktails to cheeses, to roasting, smoking and preserving, from morning recipes to late night treats, and from birthday party suggestions to what one might cook for a funeral! The clear instructions and cheerful enthusiasm will probably inspire even the armchair cookbook reader (like me) to savor the descriptions, and then start cooking. —Erica

By Ferran Adrià

Before the service begins at el Bulli restaurant, the entire staff sits down to the “family meal”—casual, relaxing and satisfying. This is a meal that needs to sustain the wait staff throughout the long night, as the restaurant business demands. It is also a meal that brings the staff together as a team. The meals are simple and well thought out, much as your own family meal is. These recipes are for real people, real families with real ingredients, yet they make you feel elevated above the usual. Look inside as see the clear and precise photographs, the simple daily menus and the easy to follow recipes—your mouth will begin watering. —Tracy

Fergus Henderson said, “Once you knock an animal on the head it is only polite to eat the whole animal.” Jennifer McLagan shows the cook how to do exactly that. She is an advocate for sustainable farming and ethical animal husbandry. It is only right that we show respect for the animal whose life we take to live by eating it “nose to tail.” This is a perfect finish to McLagan’s two previous books Bones and Fat. —Greg

By Daniel Holzman, Michael Chernow, Lauren Deen

Who does not love meatballs? These authors/cooks make 4,000 meatballs a day at their Manhattan restaurant. These recipes are simple and delicious, from their kitchen to your kitchen. Mangia! —Carl

By Christina Tosi, David Chang

When David Chang’s Momofuku cookbook came out two years ago, I eagerly flipped to the index to find the recipes for the baked delights that have garnered a tremendous cult following in New York and have elevated Chang to near godlike status among stoners with the munchies. Alas, there were no Compost Cookies, no Candybar Pie, no Birthday Cake recipes in that volume. Now, at last Momofuku Milk Bar pasty chef Tosi makes with the goods and allows the rest of us to play Willy Wonka in our kitchens at home. —Jamil

A roast conjures images of holidays and special celebrations. So yes, this cookbook is perfect for the season at hand. But to relegate it to the shelves only to pull it out for those momentous occasions would be a shame. Along with lavish dishes like Sear-Roasted Chateaubriand with Béarnaise Sauce are impressive yet simple ones like Roasted Asparagus Bundles Wrapped in Bacon. The well organized recipes include method, roasting time, plan ahead time, and a wine pairing. Her exhaustive notes on the why and how of roasting, shopping tips and necessary equipment make this an indispensable volume for the novice and expert alike. —Pamela

If Maira Kalman decided to illustrate a roll of toilet paper I’d find a way to get my hands on it. But lucky for us her latest project is to bring Pollan’s best selling manifesto on the importance of eating wisely to quirky, colorful life. Pollan boils down the essentials and Kalman adds a dash of whimsy to these bite-sized instructions for pleasurable, healthy eating. Bon appetit! —Laurie

By Maggie Savarino

Seattle mixologist Savarino gives us exciting concoctions that are geared towards the individual seasons. Warm and cozy drinks for winter, refreshing and light drinks for summer. Ingredient lists are seasonal. You will be inspired to throw cocktail parties all year with this guide! —Hilary

It’s not the holidays until the wine is spiced, the toddy is hot, the coffee is Irish, the cake is rummed and the egg is sufficiently nogged. If you’re not sloshed by Solstice, you might consider going shot-for-shot with F. Scott Fitzgerald, American literature’s favorite lush. (Oh, and folks, please drink responsibly.) —Dave

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