Laurie Frankel — Seattle7Writers Book Club Brunch

Laurie Frankel

So here you are reading a bookstore blog. This means you already know an awesome but well-kept secret: reading is, sometimes, social.

It doesn’t have that rep. Reading seems to be something we do on our own in comfy chairs on rainy afternoons curled up with cats and tea all by ourselves. And sure, that has its place—sometimes it’s nice to read all on your own, and when I’m alone, I always have a book. But more and more these days, reading is becoming a social activity. Bookstores have blogs and Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Book-loving social networking sites abound. And book clubs, well, they may just take over the industry.

Book clubbers realize what other readers came to slowly—that great books are made even better by close friends, good food, plentiful wine, and time carved out of busy schedules to gather, sit, chat, and connect. Book clubbers also know that peer pressure makes us read things we wouldn’t otherwise but will ultimately love. They know that English class isn’t the only place to have in-depth literary discussions. They know that gathering over words and stories makes the words and stories and the gathering all the more special.

So Seattle7Writers is hosting a Book Club Brunch on Saturday, May 12, the day before Mother’s Day, to honor all our wonderful area book clubbers. In fine book club tradition, there will be great food, great mimosas, great books, and great company. Garth Stein will kick off festivities. Jim Lynch will talk about his new and much lauded Truth Like the Sun. Authors will sign books sold on sight by Elliott Bay. There will be a local author at every table to chat about reading, writing, brunching, and anything else that comes up.

And best of all, all event proceeds benefit literacy efforts in the community—a profoundly important cause which no one understands like true readers—because this is the other lesson we learn from book clubs: great things come from readers banding together. So grab your book club. Grab your mom or your daughter or your son. Bring a friend. And join us for a fun morning of good food, good drink, good conversation, good books, good community, all for a very good cause. We hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 12, 10 a.m.
Upstairs at Greenwood Square
8420 Greenwood Ave N at 85th
More details at

LAURIE FRANKEL is the author of the forthcoming novel Goodbye For Now (August 2012) and The Atlas of Love. Find her at and


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