The Modern Teen’s American Library: Young Outlaws

Have you been outside lately? It feels more like summer than the actual summer does! I’ve been out in Cal Anderson park these past few afternoons and have seen—to my delight—dozens of eager readers with books cracked open under the sun. Ah, it warms my heart. But if you love young adult lit and have already decimated your steady supply, this blog post goes out to you.

I’ve read them—you’ve read them—c’mon, I bet some of your grandparents have even read the Hunger Games Trilogy and loved them just as much as you did. Now you’re itching for something that’ll cure your reading blues, fix that Hunger Games itch, and keep you reading until the sun comes up! Here are some seriously killer books that will get you back in the game.

Cinder, by Marissa Myers
If the cover itself doesn’t lure you in, try this: in this wildly imaginative retelling of the old story, Cinderella is a bad-ass cyborg mechanic living in futuristic New Bejing. She meets the Prince when he brings his busted robot in for repairs.


Legend, by Marie Lu
Our nation is torn apart by civil war, and now it’s the Republic versus the Colonies. In Los Angeles, June—a military prodigy—shoots up the ranks just behind her hero of a brother. When he’s murdered, all her passion and intelligence turn toward avenging his death, and she begins the hunt for a young outlaw named Day. But Day isn’t what he seems and has a mission of his own.

Revived, by Cat Patrick
The first time Daisy died, she was five years old. Growing up as a government test subject certainly has perks: each time Daisy dies, she’s brought back by the drug Revive. The flip side is, every death means relocation and a new identity.  When moved to a small, Midwest town, Daisy meets her first real friend—and her ridiculously hot brother—and finally wants to keep this life.

Starters, by Lissa Price
In this suspenseful series, a plague kills off everyone but the youth and the elderly. The Body Bank rents teenagers’ bodies to senior citizens who want to be young again. But when sixteen-year-old Callie’s neurochip malfunctions, she wakes up in her rich renter’s mansion, with a senator’s grandson on her arm. It’s a fairy-tale new life, until she discovers her renter’s deadly plan.

I Hunt Killers, by Barry Lyga
Have you heard of a series called Dexter? Sure you have. If you’re into dark, creepy, and totally engaging thrillers, then I Hunt Killers is for you. Jazz’s dad is one of the world’s most notorious serial killers and as a child, Jazz was exposed to the worst of his dad’s crime scenes. But when the clues start to point to Jazz, he decides to join the police to clear his own name.

The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Seifvater
Ok, so the review in The Horn Book was so great, that I really can’t add anything:

Stiefvater’s novel […] begins rivetingly and gets better and better…all the way, in fact, to best. Stiefvater masterfully combines an intimate voice with a fully evoked island setting with sensory-rich language with a wealth of horse detail with a plot full of danger, intrigue, and romance […]. Stiefvater sets not one foot wrong as she takes readers on an intoxicating ride of their own. (Martha V. Parravano, Nov/Dec ’11)


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