Authors of July

July begins, and the temperature is starting to rise. The sun hasn’t quite decided whether it will stay for any extended period of time or continue to give way to muggy days of periodic sprinklings. Regardless of the capricious ways of weather, you can always count on a full schedule of authors visiting Elliott Bay.

This month in the bookstore we welcome Grant Cogswell, Bharti Kirchner, David Brin, G. Willow Wilson, Carissa Phelps, Alex Stone, Melanie Thorne, Colson Whitehead, Max Baumgarten, Kaya Oakes, Paul Toutonghi, Kay Larson, Medea Benjamin, and many more.

At our off-site events this month we welcome Christopher Hayes, Joy Harjo, Max & Whit Alexander, Chris Cleave, Karen Thompson Walker, and many more.

We look forward to seeing you!

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