Watching To Inspire Reading


Keith here, with a new venture on the Ship Blog. At least twice a month I will be posting new and exciting videos for your literary digest. This means I will be on the look out for quality presentations, talks, and interviews with our favorite people in the world of books and sharing them here.

After archiving at least 20 different videos on my YouTube account in search for the perfect debut, I finally chose the video that sparked this whole idea in the first place: Lynda Barry speaking at the 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

Lynda Barry’s work is hard to define as it is so unique in its structure and so unprecedented in its style. What is clear about her work is the infectious, vivacious quality channeling through it that resonates with our primal urge to create. Her lecture makes it clear to me that this is not unintentional. In fact, it made me realize that Lynda Barry is no ordinary artist, but instead a socially conscientious magician conjuring powers to replace the current societal norms of complacency and anomie with artful expression and action!

In this talk, which is part stand-up comedy routine, part doctoral thesis, Barry attempts to get to the bottom of the biological purpose art, creation, and reading books have for us as human beings. She raises many questions, and even delivers some concrete answers on these massive inquiries.

Hope you enjoy!

Leave comments below! Would love to hear your thoughts.

.Lynda Barry titles available at Elliott Bay:

What It Is

Picture This

One Hundred Demons


Freddie Stories


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