What to Read in Fiction

Booksellers recently had the opportunity to attend a convention known as the Winter Institute (#WI9), in Seattle, and for those of us who attended, the learning, sharing, and books (oh!–the books!) made those few days a blissful whirlwind of activity.

While many moments shone, one of my favourite parts of the bookseller convention was the sneak peek we had into our future fiction reading…which means we are better able to share that book bliss with you.

Here are a few of my favourite upcoming titles — the ones I could happily put into any reader’s hand. I’ll start with two that are already on our shelves so you can at start your reading.

What to Read #10:

THE CRANE WIFE by Patrick Ness

Why You Should Read It:  Fans of Erin Morgenstern’s novel THE NIGHT CIRCUS, Japanese mythology, and stories that leave you aching will love this book.

What to Read in the Meantime: Well, if you haven’t read THE NIGHT CIRCUS, that’s a great spot to start, but you may also consider reading AN UNNECESSARY WOMAN by Rabih Alameddine (we’re also hosting a reading on February 6th)  or THE GODDESS CHRONICLE by Natsuo Kirino.


You can grab THE CRANE WIFE  off our shelves now, today, this minute!
What to Read #9:

ON SUCH A FULL SEA by Chang-rae Lee

Why You Should Read It: The ideal way to approach this story is to go into it without reading reviews and maintaining a sense of wonder as the story unfolds before you. This book is best discovered by the reader…so I don’t quite want to give you a synopsis. Let me say this: what seems to be the story of a young woman making her way through a dystopian United States becomes quite another story as you follow her on her journey through this strange, yet familiar, world.

What to Read in the Meantime: Cormac McCarthy definitely comes to mind when I think of dystopian futures, but I’d like to direct you to a classic: Nevil Shute’s ON THE BEACH.  

You can grab ON SUCH A FULL SEA off our shelves now, today, this minute!

What to Read #8:

AN OFFICER AND A SPY by Robert Harris

 Why You Should Read It: Based on a true story, this is a timely read about an intelligence whistleblower (anyone else thinking of Edward Snowden?). This book is a complicated and intriguing thriller you won’t want to put down!

What to Read in the Meantime: If you want to read other works involving historical events, try OPERATION MINCEMEAT by Ben Macintyre or THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS by Erskine Childers.

You can grab AN OFFICER AND A SPY off our shelves now!

What to Read #7:


Why You Should Read It: You open this book, get hooked immediately, and soon find yourself devouring the story at a breakneck pace that doesn’t relent from start to finish. Already an international success, when this thriller hits our shelves you’ll want to grab a copy!

What to Read in the Meantime: I think THE RULES OF CIVILITY by Amos Towles will give your heart a good jumpstart before delving into the upcoming thriller.

You can grab THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HARRY QUEBERT AFFAIR off our shelves 2014 May 27th. 

What to Read #6:

FROG MUSIC by Emma Donoghue

Why You Should Read It: Emma Donoghue’s newest book, FROG MUSIC, is

What to Read in the Meantime: If you’ve yet to acquaint yourself with Emma Donoghue, I’d recommending grabbing a copy of ROOM and settling in for intensely good fiction. If you’ve already taken her other works, why not pick up a copy of Sinclair RossAS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE…because I’m guessing you haven’t yet read this work of art.


You can grab FROG MUSIC off our shelves 2014 April 1st.

That’s a pretty good list to start. I’ll let you know my upcoming top five shortly! And my number one…oh… Books that good do not come along often enough!!


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