What to Read in Fiction: Part Two

Here are five more of my favourite upcoming titles, as promised! Each book on this list is one I could happily put into any fiction aficionado’s hand.


by Howard Norman

Why You Should Read It: The opening line of this book floored me. It’s reason enough to devour the entire book (and the entire book continues to floor you)!

No, really.

It’s that good.

What to Read in the Meantime: If you’ve never delighted in a Howard Norman novel, now is the time to start reading his books. One of our staff picks is WHAT IS LEFT THE DAUGHTER, and it’s one narrative that will hook you and not let you go until the very end.

You can grab NEXT LIFE MIGHT BE KINDER off our shelves 2014 May 13.

What to Read #4: The Spinning Heart

by Donal Ryan

Why You Should Read It: Told from multiple perspectives, this slender volume transports you to Ireland in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Written with intimacy and humanity, this book will unnerve and bewilder you, and ultimately leave you unable to remove yourself from these characters.

What to Read in the Meantime: Falkner’s AS I LAY DYING is an easy connection to make with Ryan’s brilliant novel.

You can grab THE SPINNING HEART our shelves 2014 February 25.

What to Read #3: Boy, Snow, Bird

by Helen Oyeyemi

Why You Should Read It: When this book was placed in my hand, I was told the story is a creative retelling of the Snow White tale. This is and isn’t the truth because this book is so much more. Drawing on the Snow White mythology, Oyeyemi writes a disturbing, compelling narrative about a young woman living in 1950-1960s America, struggling to find herself in a world that’s never shown her much kindness. Graphic and visceral, this was not an easy read, but it is worth every moment of pain, confusion, and concern!

What to Read in the Meantime: If you want to prepare yourself for a rough read, I suggest you pick up WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN by Lionel Shriver.

If you’re looking for another fairy tale retelling (this one with a mystery slant), try SNOW WHITE MUST DIE by Nele Neuhaus.

You can grab BOY, BIRD, SNOW book off our shelves 2014 March 06.

What to Read #2: LUCKY DOG

by Dr. Sarah Boston

Why You Should Read It: Dr. Sarah Boston is a small animal oncologist whose experiences working with animals (dogs, in particular) with cancer provides her with a unique perspective and filter through which she relates her own experience with cancer. This book made me laugh and cry in the same breath, challenged my ideas about both the American and Canadian health care systems, and left me better for having read it.

What to Read in the Meantime: I can’t think of a title quite like this unique gem, but why not pick up Tim Flach’s DOGS for a unique look at our canine companions.

You can grab LUCKY DOG off our shelves 2014 June 10.

And the book I am most excited for you to have this year….

What to Read #1: THE ORENDA

by Joseph Boyden

Why You Should Read It: When I try to explain why I love Joseph Boyden’s writing so much, I generally come across as an overly enthused, near-speechless bookseller capable of only shoving the book in your hand with that intense look of “You must read this one” written all over my face.

But, really.

You must read this one.

Joseph Boyden’s stories are extraordinary, his subjects challenging, and the characters he creates are exceptional.

What to Read in the Meantime: It’s time to play catch-up on all of Joseph Boyden’s great books. Start with THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE.


…and move onto Three Day Road

…and you’ll be ready to step back in time with Boyden into what may very well be the best book you’ll read for years to come.

You can (and should) grab THE ORENDA off our shelves 2014 May 13.


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