Seattle by the Books

As a week-long, city wide groundswell of readings, performances, and literary events associated with the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference starts up, and the thousands of writers and publishers of all types travel to Seattle, we should probably say something about this great city we love to call home.

The Elliott Bay Book Company

First, let’s talk books (because we have priorities, people).

Seattle is home to so many incredible indie bookstores! Seriously. And we’re not just talking about ourselves here. This city is a book-lover’s haven. With ringers like Queen Anne Books, University Bookstore, Seattle Mystery Bookshop, Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers, Left Bank Books, Third Place Books, and East West Bookshop (to name but a few), you could spend your entire time in Seattle in bookstores alone (and what a great time that would be)!

In case you’re curious, we’re located on Capitol Hill, on 10th Avenue between Pine St. and Pike St.

Map to Elliott Bay Book Company

If you’re downtown, we’re just up the hill. The eastern hill. And we consider ourselves fairly walk-able.

That said, we also have a transit system! If rain makes you melt, hills make you heave, or you would just rather not hoof it, check out Seattle’s Metro for bus timetables and neighbourhood maps.

On the Hill (this is what we love to call the Capitol Hill neighbourhood when we’re not calling it Cap Hill), we have a ton of Seattle’s best restaurants and will happily direct you to a few of our best loved eateries. A few of the locals we love in our immediate vicinity include Sun Liquor, Lost Lake Cafe, Poquitos, Odd Fellows, Tin Table, and Honey Hole

Also, if you’re into dancing at all, you should stop by Century Ballroom for one of their incredible social nights!

While we’re on the topic of locating oneself and great local finds… Have you picked up a map yet? Seattle has a ton of great maps, and we carry a lot of them in store, but our staff favourite is this the Rain or Shine Seattle Herb Lester map-guide.

Seattle, rain or shine

We carry them in store, and they offer you a local’s perspective of the best of the city.

While we’re on the topic of local, have you heard about our wonderful local writers? We have a section devoted to writers from the Pacific Northwest (from the West Coast of British Columbia right down to the Californian Coast), and have a number of fiction and non-fiction picks. Here are a few highlights to give you a feel for the section:

Really, if you want to take a Seattle book home with you, we have one for every age. Because that’s what we do. Books. And we can’t wait to share them with you!

Actually, we’re really happy to be able to share Seattle with you. It’s a great city with a strong literary tradition (did you know we’re trying to become a UNESCO City of Literature?).

Seattle does (of course) have more than books, and if you have time, you may want to check out a few of the traditional sites like the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, or spend a bit of time at Pike Place Market.

So, there you have it. Seattle…mostly by the books. Stop by Elliott Bay Book Company, say hi, breathe in the books, and have a happy AWP!!


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