Spring! Into Terror!

It’s that time of year again. Our rain and snow have been viciously dried up and our precious blanket of comforting grey clouds has been mercilessly burned away by a fiery ball of gas that hangs ominously in the vastness of space.

Soon the wind will come, blowing the alluring smell of flowered fields (in which to frolic and be attacked by insects). Or the sound of the constantly pounding surf may be heard, calling us all to light-drenched beaches only to eventually be forced to dig relentless sand out of our various crevasses.


But we need not heed those calls.


Go back inside, pull your shades down tight, and prepare to nourish your cells with a little Vitamin Dread.


Black Moon

Kenneth Calhoun

The entire world has begun to suffer from insomnia. Within days, the structures that govern our world fall to pieces as madness, anger, and delusion consume the world and the few remaining people who can still sleep cower in fear of those who cannot.

This is a fantastic, disturbing-as-hell novel that keeps you up late reading it and then makes you worry that you’ve stayed up too late reading it and now you won’t be able to fall asleep and what happens if suddenly you can’t ever fall asleep again and you turn into a murderous rage-monster who will stop at nothing for a just a few seconds of peaceful sleep!!

But that certainly isn’t going to happen now so you might as well read a few more paragraphs and then…..



Tim Lebbon

Amazing things are happening at Coldbrook, a top secret laboratory buried deep in the Appalachian Mountains  A doorway to another world — a parallel Earth — has been opened and a team of scientists are eager to be the first ones through to explore this strange, new world. But then something on the other side decides to come through first….

This is top-notch zombie storytelling at its finest. Sympathetic, believable characters. Horrifying, blood-thirsty zombies that are actually called zombies and not “walkers” or “roamers” or anything like that. A neat sci-fi twist with a plot that jumps between a post-apocalyptic wasteland of a world and a currently-apocalyptic soon-to-be-wasteland of a world, this is a fantastic addition to the growing horde of undead literature.


Lovecraft’s Monsters

Edited by Ellen Datlow


Nobody did monsters like Lovecraft. Werewolves, vampires, and even my beloved zombies, have got nothing on the shambling, tentacled masses of terror that lurk in the spaces between realities. Lovecraft knew what scared you and wasn’t afraid to hit you full in the face with it.

And neither are the authors in this collection. Neil Gaiman, Thomas Ligotti, and Joe R. Lansdale are just a few of the authors in this anthology of crawling, creeping creatures that only consider humanity to be, at best, a light snack.


Bunnies and Kitties

Cate Holly


I’m serious. You shouldn’t spend all day cooped up in the dark reading scary stories. You have to pace yourself and the best way to do this is to step outside every few minutes and look at awesomely adorable pictures of kittens and bunnies frolicking and being super-cute.

Once you’ve recharged and read a few silly captions and laughed at nuzzling bundles of fur you can go back inside and subject yourself to some more….



Joe Simon and Jack Kirby


In the age before the Comics Code Authority, comics were a lurid place filled with rotting corpses and unsettling monsters. It was awesome.

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, who had already made a name for themselves with superheroes and crime stories, teamed up to write some of the most sophisticated and harrowing tales of terror to ever grace a funny-book stand. This collection of short, sharp stories represent some of the best horror comic writing ever and should be on the shelves of every dusty, grime-laden crypt in the underworld.




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