Joseph Boyden on Monday, May 19th at 7pm



Published this past autumn to high praise in Canada, where it was shortlisted for the prestigious Governor General’s Award, Joseph Boyden’s extraordinary, historically-set third novel, The Orenda (Knopf), is finally being published here in the U.S.

The Orenda: A novel

There are those among us who couldn’t wait, went north, read and loved this book –- and now get to put it in readers’ hands here. Those who knew and loved Through the Black Spruce or Three Day Road will be delighted, as will those new to Joseph Boyden’s work.


“Years from now, The Orenda will be called a classic, but for now Joseph Boyden will have to settle for visionary, majestic, awe-inspiring. The prose is incandescent – and the cultural, tribal, spiritual battles are as gripping as anything I have ever read. There is magic in these pages that will convince you there is magic in the world.” – Benjamin Percy


“A stunning, masterful work of staggering depth … it is like nothing you have ever read, and read it you must … The Orenda is a feat, an achievement [that] is impossible to read without coming away profoundly shaken, possibly changed.” – Robert J. Wiersema, The Vancouver Sun


Join us at 7pm on Monday, May 19th in our Reading Room.


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